Author’s Foreword

My name is Peter Murray, head of Trinity Media Group; a London based Media Company specialising in music, television and film.

I have produced Secret Guide To… Success In The Music Industry which is a must have resource for any person committed to achieving worthwhile and lasting success in the music industry. I have decided to write on a subject which is very close to you and me -- Music. This is because so many people pursue a career in the music industry as artists, songwriters, producers, managers, independent record labels and others but do not actually achieve any worthwhile success.

Every year without fail the music industry will break many hearts and some beyond repair and this is because of people going into the industry without the required knowledge, know how, preparation and basic skills. Owing to this they become casualties very quickly to an industry they had once fallen in love with. The astonishing fact is the casualty rate need not be so high and you do not have to be another statistic. You too can join the hall of fame if you want to and in order to do so will require from you more knowledge, know how and preparation.

I was motivated to write this book because our music industry is going through unavoidable and irreversible change due to fast moving technology, market forces, prevailing economic conditions and consumer behaviour. This means the way in which music is now created, packaged and sold is changing also.

Whereas the major record companies enjoyed a total monopoly on the music industry for decades their stranglehold is slowly being undone due to the increasing modernity of technology, market forces and consumer behaviour. The affect of which will mean more choice to the consumer and the rebalancing of power between the artists and creators of music and the independent record labels at the expense of the major record companies. This means provided you create and deliver an organised and orderly campaign to make, sell and or manage your music then there is a real likelihood of you attaining success and on better terms than would have previously been available prior to industrial change.

That said I shall now explain to you how best to write, produce, promote, market and release a hit record; your campaign. I shall advise you on the business side of the music as well, such as when to retain the services of a manager, how to deal with music publishing and other copyright issues, and when to get a record deal if necessary.

If you intend to have a successful career in the music business and want to be paid well from your creativity, then this essential music guide is a must read and instruction for what you must do.

It is a step by step guide from beginning to end. It is well established that UK emerging music artists are not well advised, under promoted in the mainstream media and consequently underpaid from their music. I want to help make a difference by enlightening these artists and those pursuing a career on the business side how best to get the most out of what of they do with more knowledge, know how and preparation.

There are many industry secrets that you need to know in order to make that difference to your campaign and I have revealed them to you in this book.

I am qualified to bring you this advice because I have drafted, negotiated and concluded various contracts in the entertainment industry from management, publishing, record deals, producer and production agreements and more, including television and other broadcast rights and the list goes on.

Also I successfully founded, (during the Britain’s long running recession in 1991), established and sold Britain’s longest and best loved African Caribbean magazine, Pride.

I worked alongside and have advised and led many media and music business professionals and independent record labels to achieve their objectives. I had the foresight to secure a commercial relationship with Channel U television early on when the broadcaster went on the Sky Network.

I am co-founder of the Channel U Best of British Awards. I am the executive producer of the groundbreaking and popular television dancehall show Turn It Up, presented by Robbo Ranx.

I have helped to promote and secure radio play, press and online publicity for a catalogue of UK music artists.

I have also enabled many relatively unknown and emerging UK artists to support well known US acts in concerts here in the UK.

Finally, I have been a self-made millionaire on more than one occasion and helped others to realise that goal too. I can help you by sharing my knowledge and experience with you. Knowledge is power if put to constructive use and I will show you how to do just that.

This really is a step by step guide to what you must do to achieve success in what is a very difficult market that cares only for the winners.

I will show you how to win.

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