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1 Management – When to seek management and on what terms / Read more

2 Writing the song – All the basic ingredients to writing a hit song / Read more

3 Producing the song – How to get good quality music production / Read more

4 Collaborations – The benefits to you / Read more

5 Testing the song – Why it’s so important to test the song to industry / Read more     

6 Image – Creating the right image that works for you and generate publicity / Read more

7 Making the video – Making a budget video that television music channels will play / Read more

8 Promotion team – How best to choose a promotion team and key people / Read more

9 Getting publicity – Setting up the publicity agenda that will work wonders for you / Read more

10 Shows – Getting shows, pas, supporting other established acts / Read more

11 Royalty collection agencies – Which agencies to register with and why / Read more

12 Internet – The unmistakeable power of internet promotion & marketing and how to use it / Read more

13 Fan base – Building an enviable fan base that will increase your publicity and make you money / Read more

14 Website – Having a website that fuels your publicity, attract new fans and makes you money / Read more

15 Radio promotion and plugging – How to get radio promotion and song play listed on main radio stations / Read more

16 Television promotion and plugging – How to get your promotional video play listed on television music channels / Read more

17 Press and online publicity – Getting the most out of press and online publicity / Read more

18 Record deal – Seeking a record deal with a major or independent label / Read more

19 Publishing – When to seek a publishing deal and on what terms / Read more

20 Self release – Ensuring the momentum is right for self release and how to do it / Read more

21 Marketing – Getting the most out of your marketing budget / Read more

22 Follow up – When to introduce the follow up single and what type of song / Read more

23 Album – Making the album and when to have it ready / Read more

24 International – Exploiting the release internationally and making vast sums of money / Read more

25 Copyright – Where does copyright exists and why you should own it / Read more

26 Commercial sponsorships – Creating other income streams from commercial entities / Read more

27 The financials – Keeping good household budget so you don’t run out of funds / Read more

28 Networking – Why you need to keep meeting people / Read more

29 The professionals – How to find the real people who can help you / Read more

30 Master plan – Why you just need to have one
/ Read more


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