Commercial Sponsorships – creating other income streams from commercial opportunities/entities

You would be very judicious to pursue commercial sponsorship opportunities in the early life of your campaign. This is a course of action your competition will not be taking and by default could be placing you at an extra advantage point. This is because over the longer term your competition may not be able to sustain their campaign due to being under funded and under publicised. On the other hand you could be additionally funded and publicised because of sponsorship support that is in place and this extra leverage could make all the difference to the commencement and sustainability of your career and especially between your campaigns.

Ideally you would need to engage talks with prospective sponsors during your campaign and complete such sponsorship deals at the peak of your campaign in order to maximise its value. To achieve this endeavour you should retain the services of your manager or another person who is commercially minded and astute. This individual will have the remit to seek out commercial sponsorship opportunities that will make sense to the sponsor and of economic benefit to you.

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