Copyright – where does copyright exists and why you should own it?

The subject of copyright is one that is least understood by many but it doesn’t have to be so. At this point you only need to understand the very essence of the meaning of copyright and where it applies in so far as your endeavours in the music business. This is the very least amount of basic information you really ought to know.

The word Copyright when split into two words are; copy and right. The word Copy means to duplicate which is to reproduce something. The word Right means entitlement, due, birthright, claims. When both words are reunited to form the word Copyright then that word now means the latter owns the former. Simply put; when copies – duplication, reproduction - of an item has been made the owner of the original item – master – has an entitlement, due, birthright, claim upon all copies originating from the master howsoever these took place and by whom.

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