Follow Up Song – when to introduce the follow up single and what type of song

The follow up to your previous song is always going to be a challenge for you to surpass. If your previous song wasn’t a success the same challenge exists for the follow up to score the success that the previoussong had missed.

If you’re signed to a major record label the follow up song will be under pressure to surpass the previous song if it wasn’t a success. If this fails to materialise it is very likely your major record company will not continue to release any more of your songs because the chances are your royalty account would be seriously in deficit and the major record label will be at a financial loss on your account. However, in the same scenario, an independent record label will be more inclined to work with your campaign in the belief that you’re still a developing artist that will get better over time and attract much larger audiences to ensure profitable returns on their investment.

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