Marketing – getting the most out of your marketing budget

If you have signed a record deal with a major or independent record label you will not have any control or influence over the marketing decisions and more importantly the budget.

Major record labels tend to adopt a more generic marketing campaign strategy and by doing so will spread the marketing resources across a wide range of above the line media platforms such as television, newspapers, magazines, radio, internet, outdoor advertising and some below the line marketing such as street teams. Although this comprehensive marketing campaign strategy will reach the widest possible audience, as a result, there will be significant financial expense to bear in delivering this part of the campaign. This campaign strategy requires a substantial budget that is normally an amount disproportionate to the actual best possible size of your core audience that is best likely to buy your song. This means your sales and marketing budgets together with your creative and promotion budgets expended when taken together could exceed your income from record sales. If this happens then your campaign will result in a financial deficit against your royalty account with the major record label and thus you may possibly enjoy a short lived future as one of your record label’s recording artists. This will be made more likely if your next song fails to galvanise much bigger audience numbers to that will bring your royalty account from deficit into profit.

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