Press and Online Publicity – getting the most out of press and online publicity

Offline press media (newspapers, magazines and trade publications) and online press media (news and magazine style websites) are great publicity advocates. They exist to put, what they decide is, relevant news into public domain. Their raison d’être is to service news they think is of interest and relevance to their audience. The more successfully they do this the more their audience numbers will grow. They achieve this in part by relying on third party sources such as pr companies, corporate press departments, press agencies and the public to provide them with credible news. They decipher what news is credible, of interest and relevant to their audience and then serve it up on a plate to them in a style (editorially) and manner (viewpoint) that is unique to the news provider’s identity.

As most press and online media do not go arduously looking for their news content you can decide to service them with your own news. To do this you must ensure what news you have to service is credible, relevant and of interest to the respective media outlet for onward transfer of your news onto their audience thus creating the publicity.

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