Radio Promotion & Plugging – how to get radio promotion and your song play listed on main radio stations

Radio promotion and plugging is an area in music promotion that is not best understood by new comers and those on the fringe of the music industry.

Radio promotion is to promote the song to radio and win over certain djs who will evangelise the song to their audience. This is usually done by a dj that presents a specialist radio show which is normally between the hours 6pm and 7am. Through regular support of the song with radio plays other djs who present specialist shows will pick up on the song and rally their support with radio plays and promotion talk. Although this activity will be limited to the specialist shows during the hours of 6pm and 7am, over the course of time, and provided that such activity is replicated onto other radio djs from other radio networks then this collective activity will certainly build the campaign momentum across radio networks during the specialist radio shows programme scheduled times.

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